Application of plastic sheet

Application of plastic sheet in industry and daily life

In most factories and productions of plastic products such as vacuum workers and thermoforming workers, for some reason, they are not able to buy and produce cylinders and cylinders or the same sheet maker, and to complete their production, they have to provide plastic sheets or tapes.

Plastic sheets have so many uses around us that we may not realize they exist; For example: appliances such as bathtubs in the refrigerator, which were formed by heating and vacuuming before the formation of a thick sheet, lighting appliances such as halogens, lampshades, ceiling panels and plastic chandeliers, in cars such as dashboards and consoles , For packaging cosmetics and most importantly and most widely used to produce a variety of disposable tableware that most families use disposable tableware for comfort and convenience.

You can see a lot of plastic sheets on the side of highways and highways, which is a barrier between the noise of cars and residential areas.

More than 50% of dairy factories, chocolate and biscuit factories use pre-produced polystyrene and polypropylene sheets for packaging their products, except for injectable containers.

In general, plastic sheets make up half of the production stage and after petrochemical companies are among the producers of raw materials.

We have several types of plastic sheets, including: It is soft, flexible, resistant to light and heat, brittle, resistant to acid and all kinds of solvents.