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Vaghefzarf Production Group

Vaghefzarf Production Group (Honar Plast) started its activity in 1983 under the management of Mr. Ruhollah Vaqefi and with a group of polymer and plastic specialists. The activity of this group is in line with providing goods and services to private, semi-private and public institutions.
Honar Plast has always been one of the leaders in the country’s polymer industry and is known as one of the best producers of disposable tableware in the country.
This group has direct and indirect forces and uses the most up-to-date modern machines imported from Japan and Germany to produce polystyrene, polypropylene, PET and crystal sheets and disposable containers with It has the highest quality and was able to bring a safe and familiar name in the country’s polymer industry
Vaghefzarf (Honar Plast)
For thirty years, it has always displayed the slogan of accuracy, quality and honesty, and has designed and implemented its products and services with very special and unique features, and has cooperated with more than dozens of reputable companies in the polymer industry.
This collection is always trying to satisfy its customers in the field of production of plastic sheets for various uses.
Also, some products are packaged with more durable equipment due to their vulnerability. Vacuum containers are made of raw materials of polymer sheets, which have a very high resistance, and today more in the manufacturing industry for their packaging of this type more They use goods

Features of Honar Plast: Production of Himpec, PET, PP and crystal sheets in the form of rolls, sheets, ribbed and transparent in a width of 15 cm to 160 cm with different and varied colors according to the customer’s taste.
The products of the collection have been tested and tested several times in the laboratory to deliver standard goods to customers
Plastic containers and sheets in completely hygienic and safe conditions compared to other polymers and resistance to climate erosion, as well as increasing new applications and improving the properties of production categories are the features that make Plast art different.
The technical unit of this complex is one of its most experienced units and since its establishment, relying on its creative engineers and experienced technicians, has provided technical and engineering services by creating a dynamic and efficient environment, and has so far succeeded in implementing numerous projects in the field. Polymerized.
Honar Plast has been taking steps for thirty years to prevent uncontrolled imports and job creation for the people of our country, and this has made it one of the main pillars of the country’s polymerization.
Honar Plast is determined to satisfy its customers by using the knowledge of managers and experts and the technology and machines in its collection.
Art, elegance, creativity and quality go hand in hand with your product.
See real craft.
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Mr. Javad Vaqefi

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